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We are pleased to announce our addition of box lacrosse to our year round training curriculum. In addition to being one of the fastest and most fun versions of lacrosse, box lacrosse is the undisputed best tool for players to enhance their skills and field awareness. We will be hosting box clinics year round, and are pleased to announce our first clinic in May, with multiple summer clinics in the works. Clinic information and box lacrosse overview below! Make sure to read the entirety of this email, and how box lacrosse can maximize your player’s abilities on and off the field!

Clinic Details

Dates: 5/30 & 5/31

Time: 5pm-7pm


Boys 1st-4th grade

Boys 5th-6th grade

Boys 7th-8th grade

*We are currently gauging interest for girls box lacrosse. If your daughter is interested, please let us know! 

Country Estates Park


Jake Sciotto - Team 91 Gold Box Director

Ryan MacDonald- Head Men’s Coach @ CSU

Cost: $40

Required equipment (recommended equipment highlighted)


Shoulder Pads

Elbow Pads


Turf Shoes

Rib Pads

Bicep Pads

Why Box Lacrosse

Box lacrosse serves as an indispensable component in the holistic development of every lacrosse player, significantly enriching their skills and enhancing their performance on the field. Its unique attributes, including the compact playing area, constant pressure, and accelerated pace, cultivate essential skills that are transferrable to field lacrosse. In the confined space of the box, players are compelled to refine their stick skills, master precision passing, and elevate their decision-making abilities under pressure. These skills are honed through countless repetitions in intense game scenarios, fostering a level of confidence and proficiency that directly translates to success in field lacrosse. Moreover, box lacrosse instills qualities of resilience, adaptability, and tactical awareness in players, which are invaluable assets on the field. The physicality of the game encourages players to develop a strong sense of body positioning, defensive prowess, and strategic thinking. Additionally, the emphasis on quick transitions and seamless teamwork fosters a deeper understanding of offensive and defensive concepts, promoting a more cohesive and dynamic style of play.

Here’s what some of the best lacrosse minds are saying about box

  • "Box lacrosse teaches players to be more creative in tight spaces, which translates directly to success on the field." - John Danowski, Duke University Men's Lacrosse Head Coach

  • "The fast-paced nature of box lacrosse forces players to make quicker decisions, improving their overall lacrosse IQ." - Lars Tiffany, University of Virginia Men's Lacrosse Head Coach

  • "Playing box lacrosse enhances stick skills and precision passing due to the smaller playing area and constant pressure." - Kelly Amonte Hiller, Northwestern University Women's Lacrosse Head Coach

  • "Box lacrosse teaches players to be more physical and agile, making them tougher competitors on the field." - Cathy Reese, University of Maryland Women's Lacrosse Head Coach

  • "The confined space of box lacrosse demands improved defensive positioning and communication, skills crucial for success in field lacrosse." - John Tillman, University of Maryland Men's Lacrosse Head Coach

  • "Box lacrosse encourages players to develop a deeper understanding of offensive and defensive strategies, leading to more strategic play on the field." - Dom Starsia, former University of Virginia Men's Lacrosse Head Coach


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