Venom Academy Summer 2024

Rocky Mountain Rattlers Training | Venom Academy Summer 2024


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Rattlers Venom Academy

*Open to boys grades 1st-8th*

Venom Academy is back! We are excited to bring back our most advanced training opportunity for our boys and players this summer. Venom Academy includes hundreds of reps, advanced positional training, and a multi-dimensional speed and athletic development program.

Venom academy will include the following:

Building the lacrosse player:

  1. Advanced position training

  2. Skill & IQ Development

  3. System introduction and application

  4. Individual development plan and personalized workouts

Building the Athlete:

  1. Physics Based Program For Developing Elite Level Strength, Power, Speed, And Explosiveness

  2. General Physical Prep, Special Strengths; Max Strength Development, Speed Strength Development, Age Specific Focus

  3. Combine testing including 10 and 40 yard dash, miles per hour, vertical jump, shot speed, pro- agility

Session 1 Dates: Mondays & Wednesdays

6/3, 6/5, 6/10, 6/12, 6/17, 6/19, 6/24

Session 2 Dates:

7/1,7/8, 7/10, 7/15, 7/22, 7/24, 7/29

Time: 9am-11am

Price: $150

Both sessions (recommended): $250

Location: LGC Athletics, Erie


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    M&W in June/July

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    LGC Athletics